Ra-Men Song 2003 Energy
เพลงRa-Men Song

ศิลปิน: Energy

อัลบัม: Energy / Unassailable

ออกเมื่อ: 01-01-2003

It started Friday late night out at a party shorty hottie new mesarati,

Burberry Air One, know you wear one hot in the Gucci skirt with your hair

done girl wanna smoochie flirt I!

I'ma have fun langkawi on a beach in the hot sun feel me,B,I!

I'm terry lee, out in Taipei with Energy

it's bottle poppin, model rockin, out in the Audi auto droppin finger snappin

hand all clappin back to front and your feet start tappin what you wanna

happen I'ma come through this kid known to make any dream come true,

any team can't do make it seem like who Terry/Energy what you want do

精心策划的午夜Patry 全副武装 准备就绪 看那群女孩辣到不行 全身Energy急需放电

染金发长腿大眼妹 在舞池中央狂撒野 我靠在DJ台旁边 目不转睛流口水

感觉就快要充血 弹药还是要准备 如果你经过我旁边 我不会错过这机会

Pretty的辣妹 Baby Sexy的辣妹 Baby Tell Me What's Your Name Baby


Crazy的辣妹 Baby Spicy的辣妹 Baby Tell Me What's Your Number Baby


Hold on I thought I saw you smile at me, looking for a while at me,

your style is me, who is wild as me you noddin, ma come and wild wit me,

for a while with me in the vip, get me to say it 我爱你 阿弟 and me

and Toro, b 坤达,书伟和牛奶,b

I'm Hollywood like supastar and if I could I could scoop you ma, I told you,

ma, ain't a party without me,

你怕什么 from here on out it's ENERGY this point on with Terry Lee holla

ma its probably your man don't it properly.

喔~有些话难开口 只好用行动来表达 你面带微笑的说 这种感觉「So Sweet」

有一股致命香水味 吸入我的鼻腔内 无法抗拒的妩媚 Enter限制级画面

我就是不想说太多 但是我把妹不唆 Tell U What I Wanna Do 有猎物绝对不放过

A Ma I的拉面 Baby Ka La I的拉面 Baby Tell Me What's Your Flavor Baby

O I Shi的拉面 Baby Wa Ga Ma Ma 的拉面 Tell Me What's Your Level Baby


Pretty辣妹 sexy辣妹 hot up in herre crazy辣妹

would you let me slide up in here, ride up glide up high up in here

your eyes look like they glistening, b and if you wanna talk

I'm listening b listen b I'm chasin b arme christy poppin b

你没可能不爱我 我比你的男朋友好的多 钱又多,「天才」也多 又不会觉得你太唆

I'll give you more than you bargain for I'll fly you out to Singapore

this opportunity is knocking,(booty rocking, body poppin) girl,

your booty really knocking all up in here crazy rocking

you heard of us you know its us when we come through you hope it's us


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