My Mother's Son (Live Version) 2004 Johnathan Rice
เพลงMy Mother's Son (Live Version)

ศิลปิน: Johnathan Rice

อัลบัม: My Mother's Son

ออกเมื่อ: 13-01-2004

My Mother's Son (Live) - Johnathan Rice

All the protestant girls


They're all swinging their hips


Fresh coat of red on their lips


In a solar eclipse


I sat on the steps


Church bells rang in my ears


Big blue sky was so clear


When the sun disappeared


White horses on the highway ride


Under this strange and darker sky


A wind will come and scatter seeds


And it will bury all of these


The children sing across the plains


Their voices rise and quickly fade


On a passenger train


Slightly out of my mind


All the women so kind


Sending chills down my spine


And I fell into sleep


And in that sleep I did dream


That I was torn at the seams


I don't know what it means


Inside of mama baby kicks


And this house is made of stone and sticks


All of these can break my bones


And everyone must run alone


I run all night with bursting lungs


I will always be my mother's son


Yes I will always be my mother's son


And I will always be my mother's son


Traffic and stadium lights


That's the view from the sky


As that old black bird flies


I wish I could fly


What will we become


When we sleep in the dirt


Who will rise up first


One can never be sure


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