Light Sleeper (Album Version) 1994 Saafir
เพลงLight Sleeper (Album Version)

ศิลปิน: Saafir

อัลบัม: Boxcar Sessions

ออกเมื่อ: 27-09-1994

I know I'm an emotionally disturbed person

People think I'm talkin' to myself

When I'm rehearsin' on the rhyme

A mass productionist, a mass production matador

Pan it more to the left, there you go

Minimize the synthesizer wiser when I wind up for the pitch

But I don't pitch a bitch 'cause sales get derailed

And towed an abundance of cash

Damn, I let it go, he was my man

I tried to trust him but I busted him twice

In my trash can and I'm askin' I don't need

Psychology to see the dichotomy in me

Knew something was fishy but I'm better than

Wishy washy or topsy turvy, it kinda irked

Me that I caught him sleepin' 'cause I try

To be wide awake but ye slows it down

So I can't dilate and show that I'm bigger

Than that but I also have to consider

The fact that opposed to him not being

The right peeper, I'm a light sleeper


So what does it mean when I reach maturity

And still see that I'm not the mayor of my

Mayonnaise, the master of my milieu

At least I have a swing and a few things

On my mind, it's never a good nighty night

Just a rise and shine, why's the rhyme so important

Why do I have to be so potent

And blow the mic a flow without chokin'?

I don't, I'm arrogant and outspoken

Mouth no token, I'm just a roust about

I have a house and clout but I don't come tight

But it's routine since few fiend for true

Hip hop, it's a trip when I drop my style

And forget it and forget where I got it from

And how I got 'em sprung 'cause I'm

Stuck on myself and I depend on my luck

And wealth for health matters so I don't

Explode with stress, I'll serve you an elf

Platter, they'll tell me my shit is fatter

Than the first but I'm a light sleepin', rapper in a hearst


I don't wear sarongs in my songs, I diss

The skirts in verses an I used to measure

My demeters with clever panometers, but

I bounced like a pogo and I'm solo with the hobos

A nocturnal colonel in a journal

I put fly kids' eyelids to rest a detour

For deep sleep when I freak beats, I snap

Like a defective contraceptive and my sleep

Will be light, so you'll know that I'm tight


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