Been So Long 1986 Anita Baker
เพลงBeen So Long

ศิลปิน: Anita Baker

อัลบัม: Rapture

ออกเมื่อ: 01-03-1986

Been So Long (LP版) - Anita Baker (安妮·塔贝克)

Written by:Anita Baker


I won't be neglected


I won't be denied

The pleasure of your


The pleasure of your smile

I think you take for


I'll always be here

Just because I love you

It doesn't mean

I won't disappear

Been so long of missin' you



Been so long of missin' you baby

Thoughts and mellow


Of once upon a time

Slowly creepin' on me

And they linger

On my mind

Just let somebody love you

I just don't know


Whenever I get close to you


You want to run and


It's been so long

Of missin' you baby


Been so long

Of missin' you baby

It's been so long

Of missin'

You baby

It's been so long

Of missin' you baby


We began

Lovers' dance

The road was smooth to romance

And we sang love sweet

Song every day

I believe that love would stay in my heart

Now it's

Torn all apart

It's gone away

I can't stay I've got to say

I don`t

Believe that you could do me this way

Now don't you understand



In need of comfort

The comfort of your hand in mine


And what I feel


Why don't you come closer

I can't hide

Been so


Can't hide


Been so long


Been so long

It's too long won't you come on baby

Won't you come on

Been so long

See about me


See about me


Come on

See about me


I can't to telling you

I can't to

I can't to without you


Without you

Don't ask me to


You love

You love


'Cause I want to do it


You can make me do it


Come about me


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