Trucks Tarps And Trailers 2003 Slim Dusty
เพลงTrucks Tarps And Trailers

ศิลปิน: Slim Dusty

อัลบัม: Trucks On The Track

ออกเมื่อ: 28-11-2003

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Trucks Tarps And Trailers - Slim Dusty


I leaned against the bullbar


Gave the lights a rub


Next week another driver


Will guide you through the scrub


My final run just ended


Way down I feel the blow


Trucks and tarps and trailers


The only life I know


Next week I'll get the pension


That won't compensate


That feeling of contentent


When the trucks all congregate


Oh I'll miss the miles of freedom


And all the transport crew


Trucks and tarps and trailers


Bring old memories new


The road your tyres rejected


I curse to let off steam


Now suddenly looks a highway


Oh they do in truckies dreams


And I'll miss the roadside breather


Truckies meal and smoke


Good old outback welcomes


From friendly station folk


From a cummins diesel motor


Black smoke fades in to blue


That big spacious old cabin


And dials that told me most


Trucks and tarps and trailers


Haunt me like a ghost


Reflecting on those long runs


We out near sundowns door


Becomes for me a milestone


As I know there'll be no more


But I'll find it tough to adjusting


Old habits hard to shake


Old and tarps and trailers


For our reputations sake


Yeah she's all yours now young feller


Shake hands and wish you luck


There's trucks and trailers equal


But none surpass this truck


And you'll learn her moods and fancies


Hauling out back freight


Today I've learned the feeling


What it's like to lose a mate


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