Spinning Reel 1997 Bob Rivers
เพลงSpinning Reel

ศิลปิน: Bob Rivers

อัลบัม: Best Of Twisted Tunes Vol. 1

ออกเมื่อ: 11-11-1997


Spinning Reel (LP Version) - Bob Rivers

Rod goes up


Line goes out


Spinning reel


Fishing for trout


Casting toward the bubbles and you reel it in


Hook a speckled rainbow watch the spinning reel spin


You got no income and your


Your wife left home


Spinning reel


Is all you own


Bummed a couple quarters for a half a dozen worms


Land a native brook-ie watch that spinning reel burn


Never mind the no fishing sign

On the gate across the pathway


You will find that the fishing's fine


It is Miller Time

Let out your line


'til something

Starts wiggling


On your reel


Game Warden's waiting


Just for you


Spinning lights


Flashing blue


Drop all your tackle by the riverside


Toss your home made rod and let the spinning reel fly


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