Red Sails 2006 David Bowie
เพลงRed Sails

ศิลปิน: David Bowie

อัลบัม: Lodger

ออกเมื่อ: 21-08-2006

Feel a bit roughed up, feel a bit frightened

Nearly pin it down some time

Red sail action wake up in the wrong town

Boy, I really get around

Thunder ocean

Thunder ocean

Red sails take me, make me sail along

Red sails, and a mast so tall

Red sail

Red sail

Do you remember we another person

Green and black and red and so scared

Graffiti on the wall kept us all in tune

Bringing us all back home

Red sails

Thunder ocean

Red sails

Sailor can't dance like you, ooh, yooou

Ahh, red sail

Red sail action

Red sail

Some reaction

Action boy seen living under neon

Struggling the foreign tongue

Red sails make him strong

Action make him sail along

Life stands still and stares

The hinterland, the hinterland

We're gonna sail to the hinterland

It's far far, far far far, far far far away

Its a far far, far far fa, da da da, da da da







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