Ironsides (LP Version) 1999 Latin Playboys
เพลงIronsides (LP Version)

ศิลปิน: Latin Playboys

อัลบัม: Dose

ออกเมื่อ: 02-03-1999

Ironsides (LP版) - Latin Playboys

Pues vamanos entonces we'll take Ironsides


Ayy papa do we have to take the truck


Why not you can sit in back and watch the movie


What if it gets cold Come on

Put a jacket then and hurry up


Mom can't we take Lily's Celica we can all fit


Look Mija that's your padre and he likes stuff like that


Well I don't especially when he drops me off at school

It's embarrassing


I could go to school with Lily


Or I could always walk it's not that far


Get off Dad's case moco he's ruco

That's his troca what do ya want


Don't call me that you stupid

I'm just saying I am now announcing


That Ironsides is now ready for boarding for our trip

To the movie show

Starring Ricardo Montalban and some Hueras


We squeezed into the cab


Picked up Mama Iza

Stopped to get some sodas

And drove off to the show

The end


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