It Better End Soon-4th Movement (Preach) 2004 Chicago
เพลงIt Better End Soon-4th Movement (Preach)

ศิลปิน: Chicago

อัลบัม: At Carnegie Hall

ออกเมื่อ: 16-11-2004

It Better End Soon-4th Movement (Preach) (LP Version) - Chicago

Oh yeah


You know what we've been saying


You know what we've been praying


You know what's going down


Oh come on


Let's spread it around


We got to stop it


We got to make it right


We got to end all fighting


We got to end it tonight


It can't be done


Just because I'm gonna sing a song


Everybody must have love and peace just flow


It's got to grow from a little spark


It's got to burn higher


But it must start


If we want to have the whole world right


We got to put up a fight


But a peaceful fight


Can't go around killing and contradicting ourselves


We gotta do it right within the system


We gotta takeover it right within the system


Please understand what I say


Everybody understand what I say


End this war as fast as we can


End this war, end this war, end all wars


Forever more, cmon, cmon, please, please

We gotta do it so that the world will live


You know all you gotta do is give of yourself


Give of your heart give of your soul


Please let's go!


Do it, do it, do it


Please, do it



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