Girl Of Mine 1989 Blue Rodeo
เพลงGirl Of Mine

ศิลปิน: Blue Rodeo

อัลบัม: Diamond Mine

ออกเมื่อ: 20-03-1989

Girl Of Mine - Blue Rodeo

Girl of mine


Where did we go wrong


I never once said you loved me


And you never once called my name

And now I


I can see the way


My memories like cigarettes

Blow smoke upon the screen


I stare up to the empty face

That hangs inside my dreams

In the words of love I hesitate

They all come rushing in to me

Too late


Too late


Days and nights


Wondering what could it be


Did you need somebody stronger


Someone to see you through

Oh girl


I never knew


Now your lipstick and your powder

They're all put away windows


But the traces of our love affair

Still hide behind the doors

I lie awake afraid to sleep

'Cause I see the face I knew I'd never keep

I'd never keep


Too much to bear


Too much I fall down drunk

Too much I care


Tell me now


Do the words of love still seem the

Same to you


Now we learned the angry lessons


And we still came back for more

Forget somehow


What came before


My senses have been shocked

And I'm alive to every pain


Your quiet laughter comes to me

It echoes in the rain

In the darkness of my lonely room

I pray that you won't fade

Away too soon

Too soon

It's too much to bear


It's too much I fall down drunk

Too much I care

Oh ow ow ow


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