Endless Harmony 1980 The Beach Boys
เพลงEndless Harmony

ศิลปิน: The Beach Boys

อัลบัม: Keepin' The Summer Alive

ออกเมื่อ: 24-03-1980

Ocean lovers who like to harmonize

They're all cousins friends and brothers

And they make their Mamas cry

They're record-making heart-breaking

Just West Coast boys

What I know it's a beginning of an endless harmony

Oooo ooo ooooo

Striped shirt freedom

Brave new worlds

Go out on the road

Where there's mid-sixties screaming

And that nighttime holiday scheming

While a lifestyle turns to gold


Music's growing

And vibrations showing

What's it all mean

I know it means there's an endless harmony

And we sang God bless America

It's a land where we tour

She takes great care of us

And people love for where we sing

We sing doot doo doot,


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