Set it Off 1970 Big Daddy Kane
เพลงSet it Off

ศิลปิน: Big Daddy Kane

อัลบัม: The 100 Best HipHop Songs Ever

ออกเมื่อ: 01-01-1970

Let it roll' get bold' I just can't hold

Back' or fold cos I'm a man with soul

In control and effect'

So what the heck

Rock the discotheques and

This groove is what's next

Attack' react' exact'

The mack'll move you with

A strong song' as long as

You groove to this

I keep the crowd loud

When you're hype

Do damage onstage and injure the mic

As I shoot the gift MC's stand stiff

While my rhymes stick to

You like Skippy and Jif

Feel my blood fist' or my death kiss

The rap soloist' you don't want none of this

Supreme in this era' I reign with terror

When I grab the mic believe

You're gonna hear a

Fascinatin' rhyme as I enchant them

So let's all sing the Big Daddy anthem

Go with the flow'

My rhymes grow like an afro

I entertain again and Kane'll never have no

Problem' I can sneeze' sniffle and cough

E-e-e-even if I stutter Imma still come off

Cos rappers can't understand

The mics I rip

They sure enough ain't equipped'

That's why they got flipped

But my apparatus is up to status

Don't ask who's the baddest' of

Course that is

The maker' breaker' taker'

My rhymes ache the head

Put it to bed' so watch what is said

Save the bass for the pipe and

Rearrange your tone

Or take a loss and be forced

In the danger zone

Cos I get ill and kill at will

Teachin a skill that's real' you're no frill

So just stand still and chill as I build

Science I drill until my rhymes fill

Your head up don't even get up

The teacher is teachin'' so just shut up

I can't hold it back set it off

I can't hold it back set it off

I can't hold it back set it off

I can't hold it back set it off

Rappers' take a step back'

Or you will soon regret that

You ever had to confront me

And you can bet that

I come correct' perfect' in full effect

Disconnect' dissect' eject as I wreck shop

Stand in command with the clan

Caravan or van' we go man for man and

Without further ado or any delay

Mister Cee as we say' call him the DJ

Mad Money Murf with the triple M

Smooth the barber keepin'

My flat-top trim

Scoob Lover my brother'

Scrap Lover my other

Dancin' with the crew

So allow the boys to smother

The floor' and endure just for your pleasure

As the microphone lord proceeds to get raw

Acrobatic' Asiatic' rap fanatic

I get dramatic and rhymes

Start flowin' automatically

From me' so don't play me' obey me

When asked "Who's the best "'

You better say me

I'm sendin' sucker MC's headin' north

And if you still want some set if off

For you to cope is just a wish and a hope

And if you are what you eat

They're feedin' me d**e

Cos I'm just about as d**e as

D**e can get

Ultimate' legit' Kane is a perfect fit

The king of my kingdom'

Completin' a cipher

The lyrics I bring them

Keeps the crowd hyper

As I release the masterpiece

The groove will never cease

Until Kane says "Peace"

So' maestro' yo' hit it

Big Daddy Kane's about to

Come with it' cause

I can't hold it back set it off

I can't hold it back set it off

I can't hold it back set it off

I can't hold it back set it off

I can't hold it back


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