Beatrice (Album Version) 1993 Daniel Lanois
เพลงBeatrice (Album Version)

ศิลปิน: Daniel Lanois

อัลบัม: For The Beauty Of Wynona

ออกเมื่อ: 23-03-1993

Beatrice come over here come and lay yourself down


Yea tell me all about it to that lonesome sound


Take a look outside it's all a bit crazy


People are real nervous too nervous to talk to a mother's son


Beatrice let's get dressed Take a look at what's been done


Yea you got me thinking about what I don't want to know


Beating of the chest snake rising in the patriot's nest


Doing what's best kicking out the face of a mother's son


Beatrice I like your smile makes me want to own you


Well okay just for a while then before they stone you


Tell me how do you speak to God


How do you speak to God -


When you're down there on the floor


Singing the song of a mother's son


Singin' out now


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