Unforgiven 1998 Donna Lewis

ศิลปิน: Donna Lewis

อัลบัม: Blue Planet

ออกเมื่อ: 14-07-1998

Unforgiven - Donna Lewis

Another face, another name,


Stand in line, all the same,


I've been here so many times


I don't know the reason why


Do I want to live to tell


Chained inside this living hell


Cries of freedom never heard


I guess this is what I deserve


Who am I?


Alone in this world


Alone in this world


Without love




Eyes of sorrow, eyes of shame,


Self destructions so insane


I don't care, just let me go


Let the veins of scarlett flow


Show me a sign


Unlock the door


Release me, I'm yours


Into the clouds


Higher, higher, higher


I like to sit and think alone


I like to dream of coming home


Maybe now the voices sleep


This time


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