Old Man 1994 ZZ Top
เพลงOld Man

ศิลปิน: ZZ Top

อัลบัม: One Foot In The Blues

ออกเมื่อ: 22-11-1994

Old man sleepin the hot day away

While he dreams a thousand yesterdays


cause hes had so many come his way


All he cares about is somewhere

to lay his head tomorrow


Old man sits and thinks about his home


Doesnt matter cause hes all alone


What hed give to get back on his own


Curses his body cause its old


and it gives no transportation


He sits in his one room shack alone

but it provides no consolation


What a shame


His time is nearin


His eyes wont let him see


The skies are clearin


Someone tells him


Without his hearin


Its no news to those whove been around

While things are changin


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