I Love Ladies (Explicit LP Version) 1987 Ice T
เพลงI Love Ladies (Explicit LP Version)

ศิลปิน: Ice T

อัลบัม: Rhyme Pays

ออกเมื่อ: 14-02-1987

Ya heard the Ice was rockin', ticket sales were high

Bought some fresh Adidas so you could look fly

Broke out from your crib rushin' to get here

Tripped ans stumbled almost

broke your neck comin' down the stairs

Jumped into your ride, pushed the speed to the limit

Jumped out of your car faster than you jumped in it

Now you're at the jam but in for a shock

Stupid big line wrapped around the block

Through the walls of the hall

you could hear me rhyme

Methodically you schemed a way to cut in line

But when you got inside the sight

straightened your curls

Cause as you look around

all you could see were girls

I love ladies


I think it's time that I tell the truth

I been dissin' females since my early youth

But you know that's a drag

and there's no doubt

Cause females are the one thing

that I can't do without

Female companionship is my one vice

I love to buy the girls things,

love to treat em real nice

Homeboys you must admit the best part of each day

Is when a beautiful lady comes walkin' your way

Females possess that one commodity

that no man will ever have

Not that hangs around me

They got it, we want it, they move it,

and flaunt it

They shake it and sway it,

we'll die just to lay it

We try to supress it until they undress it

And beg 'em to use it, and cry not to lose it

No man can deny it so don't even try it!!!


I love ladies


Ladies are you with me? (Yeeaahh!!)


I Love Ladies


Ladies are you with me? (Yeeaahh!!)

That sounds nice (You know we love you Ice!!)

I'm junkie for females and that's a fact

I'm not into havin' my homeboys rubbin' my back

Don't dig goin' to the movies alone

Or talkin' to myself on the telephone


Goin' to a disco that's packed with men

That's like tryin' to get a dance in the federal pen

Walkin' through a park with a gang of the guys

And a beach full of fellas never opened my eyes

And man if females are one thing that you don't need

You better get away from me at a high rate of speed

Cause if you don't like them you must like men

And homeboy that's where our serious problems begin

Because to me women are God's true gift

There's absolutely no question who I'd rather be with

I love ladies


I seen this fly girl walkin' down the street

Jammin' a box rockin' to the beat


The girl looked pretty, she really looked nice

So I said to myself she's got to be with the Ice

Walked over to her, started sayin' my rhyme

She said "Ice you're so bad,

you damn near blew my mind"

I kept on rappin', runnin' my mouth

The next thing I knew I was at her house

Looked at her closely, said for goodness sake

The girl was cut like a diamond,

had curves like a snake

Her top half was heaven,

the bottom was the hell

I knew tonight

that the Ice was gonna rock well

But then she started talkin' mess

about love and romance

Until she noticed the bulge growin' in my pants

You should'a seen the girl's eyes

as my body expanded

She grabbed for my leg, raw sex

she demanded

My knees started knockin', I tried to run

She said "Please don't leave Ice,

I want you to come"

This girl meant business I had no doubt

This is just about the time that the Ice passed out

The next day I woke the girl was through

Room still smokin', my legs black and blue

My eyes bloodshot, my hair pressed straight

My knees still knockin', I knew I lost weight

She was the best y'all, yes on this earth

I would'a paid a million dollars, that's what it was worth

If I had got her name or number it would'a been nice

But I'm here to let you know the girl went off on the Ice

I love ladies


Ladies are you with me? (Yeeaahh!!)


I Love Ladies


Ladies are you with me? (Yeeaahh!!)

That sounds nice (You know we love you Ice!!)

No when it comes to partyin' the ladies know how


It's the homeboys always tryin' to act real chill

Sometimes it's jealous MC's mad

cause they ain't on the bill

Maybe they scared if they say ho!

They might lose their cool

But I got some news for you: a fool's a fool

But don't get me wrong, most fellas do rock

They put their hands in the air,

they take the show to the top

They start rockin' with the ladies once the show begins

They don't stand lookin' stupid like some mannequins

They don't lean against the wall like they're I some trance

They did not come with no intention to party or dance

You know what? yo dead beats should just stay home

Leave me, my homeboys, and the ladies alone

We love ladies



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