For Your Eyes Only 2001 Blondie
เพลงFor Your Eyes Only

ศิลปิน: Blondie

อัลบัม: The Hunter

ออกเมื่อ: 30-08-2001

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Don't look over my shoulder, I'm trying to read

Remember these intimate moments, don't forget my privacy

We both have our orders and a trick up the sleeve

There's no use pretending you're asleep

The subject was roses, quine geology

Deliberate notice, you're taking of me

Caution and danger are not family

Don't try turning the tables on me

Too long and too lonely

For your eyes only, secretly

Enjoy the paradox, you thinking I'm the fox

Can't ya see you personally?

So many people know who you are

And they know you've been looking for your counterpart

We're chasing an echo in sonic 3-D

And if I laugh without joking, make believe

Too long and too lonely

For your eyes only, totally

I like what you're showing

For your eyes only, secretly

For your eyes only


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