Rattlesnakes 1998 Chris Stills

ศิลปิน: Chris Stills

อัลบัม: 100 Year Thing

ออกเมื่อ: 13-01-1998

Rattlesnakes (LP Version) - Chris Stills

Here is a place where the darkness can cry.

Shone is the light that cannot reach its eyes.

Here is the darkness it's leis around me.

Duty calls and echo's cry.

Right along with me.

Say 18 hundred rattlesnakes appearing on the floor.

Venom here for anyone who thinks they can endure.

Oh my God, must move on to more.


“So much for comfort,”

says the burden to the prayer.

Leaning like a pillar on the shoulders of a man.


keep your whisper of hope to yourself.

Devi's close, and fear.

Restricts reactions helping.

As you're looking to the future

as if the light it shines no more.


No one here is opening these great big iron doors.

Oh my God, must move on to more.

Rules as if I see them they be poking at me.

I cannot abide by them and they cannot be me.

And if you cannot stand here

I will take another seat.

On this so-called ride we call the life.

That just keeps on riding with me.


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