Introverted (Album Version) 1998 Kilgore
เพลงIntroverted (Album Version)

ศิลปิน: Kilgore

อัลบัม: A Search For Reason

ออกเมื่อ: 12-05-1998

Introverted (Album Version) - Kilgore

The air outside, burns my eyes


If I could put them out,

I would fly away from here


'cause I don't need to see this world


I can feel its weight just crushing me


Don't need my ears

'cause all I hear is constant moans


Strip me of my senses, introverted,


I am finally home


finally home


I don't know


Now that I'm blind, spend my time


Peeling back my skin to find out

There's nothing there. Oh no




Supposed afterlife is bliss

'cause living here in this is

like drinking lukewarm piss

I need someone that I can feel

To rescue me


Just strip me of my senses,

Introverted, I am finally free


I can't help you,


This weight is just crushing me


I can't touch you, and I would love to,

But I'm flying from here strong and free


We can never be what we want to be

till we all can shed our skin



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