Stringman 1993 Neil Young

ศิลปิน: Neil Young

อัลบัม: Unplugged

ออกเมื่อ: 15-06-1993

You can say the soul is gone

And the feeling is just not there


Not like it was so long ago.


On the empty page before you


You can fill in what you care


Try to make it new before you go.


Take the simple case of the sarge


Who can't go back to war


'Cause the hippies

tore down everything


that he was fighting for.


Or the lovers on the blankets


That the city turned to whores


With memories

of green kissed by the sun.


You can say the soul is gone


And close another door


Just be sure

that yours is not the one.


And I'm singing for the stringman


Who lately lost his wife


There is no dearer friend of mine

That I know in this life.


On his shoulder rests a violin

For his head where chaos reigns


But his heart

can't find a simple way

To live with all those things.


All those things


He's a stringman


A stringman


All those strings to pull


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