Steaks 'N Shrimp (Explicit LP Version) 2000 Uncle Kracker
เพลงSteaks 'N Shrimp (Explicit LP Version)

ศิลปิน: Uncle Kracker

อัลบัม: Double Wide

ออกเมื่อ: 13-06-2000

Steaks 'N Shrimp (Explicit LP Version) - Uncle Kracker

Clap your hands to the beat

(To the beat)

Oh just clap your hands to the beat

(To the beat)

Come on, clap your hands to the beat

(To the beat)

I say, clap your hands to the beat

(To the beat)

Uh huh 'n' you don't stop

Uh huh 'n' you don't stop

Uh huh 'n' you don't stop

Uh huh 'n' you don't stop

We in this great lakes state

Eatin steaks 'n' shrimp

It's kinda hard to miss the crew

Because we all got limps

(Got limps)

We come equipped with new

kicks and Stetsons

The super saggy rags and

the white trash connection

No flexin', huh, know what I mean?

You can feel us cool,

we don't need to be seen


It's all about the green,

not the drugs we be takin'

That shits free with an LP

in circulation

And we be wastin' time

Got them all state, all county,

all hood rhymes


It's all good times,

thank the Lord

For dumb fuckin' people

and credit card fraud

We tearin' up your lawn,

we got herds of Lincolns

Step into your crib and

have your whole house stinkin'

Don't blink and don't think we're soft

Hide your money and your gold

And don't express your thoughts


We get mad props, wreck all shops

Puttin' stops on crews

They get confused and lose, that's what we do

Styles stem from pioneers

Leavin' suckers in awe

You get jawed for lookin' queer

Can you hear me or am

I talkin' to the wall?


That's top dog callin' out each

and every one of y'all

You get balls, you come and talk that shit

But top dogs camp ain't nothin' to fuck with

And don't say we didn't warn ya

I got this Detroit thang with

more love that California

Drunk DJ smokin' Cognac dips

Call me the sidekick, thug boy,

kid with the limp

I rip through rhymes like a

bullet in the breeze

And I float through tracks

like a shark in the sea

A wee bit shy, but I comply by me


And I'm a mean motherfucker

when I have to be

Thank young Gs' with sleeves

and thieves on hold

Strategically placed in case

somebody feels bold

I told you ho's you can't

fuck with these

'Cause I make more papers

then trees


See we believe in brotherhood

forever is criteria

You fuckin' with top dog

Your fuckin' with family


No I ain't feelin' ya, got all

that I can do to hear

Any time you see me you should stand clear

You see me in my Lincoln

I'm in the clubs drinkin'

Who you gonna check bitch,

what the fuck you thinkin'?

You can check me,

but that shit don't slide

You can get your life,

took tryin' to take my pride

You ride with who,

man that shit ain't big

I roll with dogs that'll rock your wing

And got gigs all money,

Detroit to Portland

Cellular receivers and

beepers is what were sportin'

Your nothin' of importance,

I don't sweat you

Yeah the drinks on me,

but the jokes on you


I'm all about the everyday nothin' at all

See I'm not doin' very much,

I'm just havin' a ball

I'm in bed by four


I'm up by noon


I might sit around,

I might write me a tune

I might go fishin' and

again I might not

I might get me a fourty

or pour me some Scotch

The watch on my wrist,

that don't even exist

A lot of pissed people

from appointments that I've missed

I dissed everybody and their Mom for spite

'Cause everybody's barkin',

but nobody ever bites

Your talkin' loud, sayin' nothin'

Get you Dad, get your cousin

Go and get your boy 'cause

he's as big as a house

Now take your pussy ass clickin'

and get the fuck out

(Fuck out)

I'm the estranged, deranged

I got domains like states

I live in plush hotels with

them hourly rates

I do big plates eight times a day

The crew be livin' large at

the seafood bay

Got a way with the world and now

I'm lookin' to scramble

Ain't about to ass out on a no good gamble

Could handle anythin',

but I ain't down for broke

So before somebody slides

Somebody's getting choked

I'm a no good freak,

tweak skin like rashes

I lose a little love

with everyday that passes

Ain't a masochistic,

rock statistic

Vocabulary, I'm a very

shy simplistic

And get this, some people

say I changed

I'm the same motherfucker

with the same old name

A little extra game and

extra cash, see

You could fuck me,

but don't put it past me

You wanna bash me and got no reason

I can lay up in the Caymans

for four straight seasons


I ain't a punk, I refuse to be

I live for what is, not what used to be

Your all up in the past, that's ash

Hear what I say

"I'm all about today and

I'm gonna die that way"



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