Notes .../Twisted Every Way 2006 Andrew Lloyd Webber
เพลงNotes .../Twisted Every Way

ศิลปิน: Andrew Lloyd Webber

อัลบัม: The Phantom Of The Opera

ออกเมื่อ: 28-04-2006

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Have you seen the score?

Simply ludicrous!

It's the final straw!

This is lunacy!

Well, you know my views

...Utter lunacy!

But we daren't refuse ...

Not another


...Look, my friend, what

we have here ...

"Dear Andre,

Re my orchestrations:


We need another first bassoon.


Get a player with tone -

and that third trombone

has to go!

The man could not be deafer,

so please preferably one

who plays in tune!"

"Dear Firmin,

vis a vis my opera:

some chorus-members must be sacked.


If you could, find out which

has a sense of pitch -

wisely, though,

I've managed to assign a

rather minor role to those

who cannot act!"


What is it now?

This whole affair is

an outrage!


Now what's the matter?

Have you seen

the size of my part?

Signora, listen ...

It's an insult!

Not you as well!

Just look at this -

it's an insult!

Please, understand ...

Signor! Signora!

The things I have

to do for my art!

If you can call

this gibberish "art" !

Ah! Here's our little flower!

Ah Miss Daae,

quite the lady

of the hour!

You have

secured the largest role

in this "Don Juan".

Christine Daae?

She doesn't have

the voice!

Signora, please!

Then I take it

you're agreeing.

She's behind this ...

It appears we have

no choice.

She's the one

behind this!

Christine Daae!

How dare you!

I'm not a fool!

You evil woman!

How dare you!

You think I'm blind?

This isn't my fault!

I don't want any

part in this plot!

Miss Daae, surely ...

But why not?

What does she say?

It's your decision

But why not?

She's backing out!

You have a duty!

I cannot sing it,

duty or not!

Christine ...

Christine ...

You don't have to ...

they can't make you ...

Please, monsieur:

another note.


"Fondest greetings

to you all !


A few instructions

just before

rehearsal starts:


Carlotta must be

taught to act ... ,"

... not her normal trick

of strutting round the stage.


Our Don Juan must

lose some weight -

it's not healthy in

a man of Piangi's age.


And my managers

must learn

that their place is in

an office, not the arts.


As for Miss Christine Daae ...


No doubt she'll

do her best - it's

true her voice is

good. She knows, though,

should she wish to excel

she has much still

to learn, if pride will

let her

return to me, her



her teacher ...


Your obedient friend ...

"... and Angel ..."


We have all been

blind - and yet the

answer is staring us

in the face ...


This could be the

chance to ensnare our

clever friend ...

We're listening

...Go on.

We shall play his

game - perform his

work - but remember we

hold the ace ...

For, if Miss Daae


sings, he is certain

to attend ...

We make certain

the doors are barred ...

We make certain

our men are there ...

We make certain

they're armed ...

The curtain falls.

His reign will end!


I'm not so sure ...

Not if it works ...

This is madness!

The tide will turn!

Monsieur, believe me -

there is no way of

turning the tide!

You stick to ballet!

Then help us!

Monsieur, I can't ...

Instead of warning us ...

Help us!

I wish I could ...

Don't make excuses!

Or could it be that

you're on his side?


Monsieur, believe me,

I intend no ill ...

But messieurs, be careful -

we have seen him kill ...


Raoul, I'm frightened -


don't make me do this ...

Raoul, it scares me -

don't put me through this

ordeal by fire ...

he'll take me, I know ...

we'll be parted for ever ...

he won't let me go ...

What I once used to dream

I now dread ...

if he finds me, it won't

ever end ...

and he'll always be there,

singing songs in my head ...

he'll always be there,

singing songs in my head ...

She's mad ...


You said yourself


he was nothing


but a man ...


Yet while he lives,


he will haunt us


till we're dead ...


Twisted every way,

what answer can I give?

Am I to risk my life,

to win the chance to live?

Can I betray the man

who once inspired my voice?

Do I become his prey?

Do I have any choice?

He kills without a thought,

he murders all that's good . . .

I know I can't refuse

and yet, I wish I could . . .

Oh God - if I agree,

what horrors wait for me

in this, the Phantom's opera . . .?


Christine, Christine,


don't think that I don't care -


but every hope


and every prayer


rests on you now . . .


So, it is to be war between us! But this time, clever


friend, the disaster will be yours!


Don Juan, Signor Piangi - here is the phrase.

"Those who tangle with Don Juan . . ."

If you please?

Those who tangle with Don Juan . . .

No, no. Nearly - but no.

"Those who tan, tan, tan . . ."

Those who tangle with Don Juan . . .

His way is better. At least he make it sound like


Signora - would you speak that way in the

presence of the composer?

The composer is not here. And if he were here, I

would . . .

Are you certain of that, Signora . . .?

So, once again - after seven.


Five, six, seven . . .


Those who tangle with Don Juan . . .

Ah, piu non posso! What does it matter what notes

we sing?

Have patience, Signora.

No-one will know if it is right or if it is wrong.

Those who tangle

with Don Juan!


Poor young maiden! For the thrill

on your tongue of stolen sweets


you will have to pay the bill -

tangled in the winding sheets!


In sleep


he sang to me,


in dreams

he came . . .

that voice

which calls to me


and speaks

my name . . .


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