Holy Mother (Album Version) 1986 Eric Clapton
เพลงHoly Mother (Album Version)

ศิลปิน: Eric Clapton

อัลบัม: August (Reissue)

ออกเมื่อ: 01-11-1986


holy mother' where are you?

tonight i feel broken in two.

i′ve seen the stars fall from the sky.

holy mother' can′t keep from crying.

oh i need your help this time'

get me through this lonely night.

tell me please which way to turn

to find myself again.


holy mother' hear my prayer'

somehow i know you′re still there.

send me please some peace of mind;

take away this pain.

i can′t wait' i can′t wait' i can′t wait any longer.

i can′t wait' i can′t wait' i can′t wait for you.

holy mother' hear my cry'

i′ve cursed your name a thousand times.

i′ve felt the anger running through my soul;

all i need is a hand to hold.

oh i feel the end has come'

no longer my legs will run.

you know i would rather be

in your arms tonight.

when my hands no longer play'

my voice is still' i fade away.

holy mother' then i′ll be

lying in' safe within your arms.


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