Intro/Rhyme Pays (Explicit LP Version) 1987 Ice T
เพลงIntro/Rhyme Pays (Explicit LP Version)

ศิลปิน: Ice T

อัลบัม: Rhyme Pays

ออกเมื่อ: 14-02-1987

Intro Rhyme Pays (Explicit LP Version) - Ice T

A child was born in the East one day


Moved to the West coast after his parents passed away


Never understood his fascination with rhymes or beats


In poetry he was considered elite


Became a young gangster in the streets of L.A.


Lost connections with his true roots far away


But no matter the job or crime


He never lost his hardcore obsession to rhyme


New York's hip hop movement broke loose


DJ's cut records, raps had the juice


Since busting rhymes was his natural thing


He was crowned the west coast MC king


But after his inauguration there was a rush


Of wack rappers with one intention to crush


This master rapper and take his throne


A simple job,


he had no crew,

he stood all alone


Assassins came in groups of one through five


With raps no mortal MC could survive


But he showed no mercy,


he rapped blood thirsty


Battling from Friday on through to Thursday


Never losin a bout, never ending in doubt


Every confrontation K.O. knock out


On his never ending journey to the T.O.P.


The L.A. player M.C. ICE-T


Magnificent rhymer, I'm the ill beat designer

If they ask you if I'm def, don't front and say kinda

Merciless, meticulous, so fresh it's ridiculous

I'm raised in the heart of Los A-N-G-E-L-E-S


King word connector, the vocal projector

Your girl tried to jock me, I had to reject her

Always adventurous voice some say is sensuous

Now, I'm on the mic so I think I better mention this

I don't like Gucci, Fila, Louie or Fendi

Those are fads and I ain't trendy

But whether your name's Lucy, Terry, Laura or Cindy

Ice got beef and this ain't Wendy's

Bust a move while I'm talkin'

Sucker rappers I be stalkin'

When they see me on the street

with my homeboy walkin'

They slow down, turn around and ask was that Ice?

Then they see me cold countin' my cash

Rhyme pays!!


Moves must be busted, girls can't be trusted

I looked at your lady and I was disgusted

Came into the party just to rock the place

And your big zombie lookin' freak

still won't get out of my face

I don't mean to diss her, but do you kiss her?

Look at her lips, she got them crazy blisters

Body that smells like the New York mets

Arm pits all nappy packed full of sweat


I hope this something that you never forget

Tie that freak outside next time you come in the set

Because my jams be crazy, packed with all fly ladies

I'm talkin' def girlies and I don't mean maybe

The way I rhyme no one will ever slay me

And I ain't lyin' rhyme do pay me!


I'm notorious, I'm infamous,

like a snake I'm venomous

For those who may diss

I think you should consider this

I can make a rhyme complicated as a puzzle

Dangerous and as violent as a pit bull in a muzzle

But this record is for radio S-T-E-R-E-O

It not to be banned or

for some underground mix show

My hearts in my pen every time I begin

Sometimes my lyrics go crazy

and I just can't control em my friend

I try to edit what I'm rappin' about

But I can't write polite my anger just jumps out!!

Perpetrators in the business claim their hard as hell

Talkin' that gangster shit, know'n they're soft as jell-

Oh! I better chill out before I ill out

And my negative potential just might spill out

And then this record won't be gettin played

I'll save that rap for another day

-Rhyme pays-


The front stage area goes into hysteria


As I start to rhyme and unleash my criteria

Of what is to come during the beat of the drum

And Evil agitates the records

with the use of his thumb

Using his intricate moves,

the record stays in the groove

My boy cuts like Jason, it's easy to prove

That Evil E is the great, his cuts are real not fake

Not emulated effects or a play back tape

So suckers witness your fate while Evil demonstrates

I'm bout to get off this mic, E., dog the break

Kick it!


Like me if ya want'a, diss me if you're gonna

But my jam will still be kickin'

on your neighborhood corner

As my bass is max'n out the V.U.S. on your box

There'll be no doubt within your mind

whether this MC do rock

Like granite, I planned it, So you could understand it

If someone's talkin' when I'm rhymin'

Then just say, "Damn shut up!"

While Ice is breakin' the boy don't be fakin'

Maybe they're just jealous of the dollars I'm makin'

But you're down with me.

You know god gifted me

Black kids say I'm trech, white kids say I'm nifty

Spell out my name ya go I-C-E T

But right now it's time for Evil E to hit me!


Rhyme pays, buys my food every night and day

It pays my rent my bills I guess I'm doin' ok

But when I say rhyme pays,

I mean in different ways

Cause rappin' gets a lot of kids

out of the streets each day

It makes me feel real nice

when someone likes the Ice

Or some young MC asks me for advice

But there will always be rappers who hate Ice T

Maybe I dogged 'em in a battle or just jealousy

Inevitable situation, sucker rapper frustration

I rhyme too tough to bite, too intricate for notation

Syllables jumble, competitors crumble

as they witness mic attack

And the microphone rumbles like hurricane


I maim, sometimes I go insane

Step toward my rap and I inflict the pain!

No shame Ice capital T's my name!!

Damn there I go illin' out again!!!!



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