Dance To My Ministry (Explicit LP Version) 1990 Brand Nubian
เพลงDance To My Ministry (Explicit LP Version)

ศิลปิน: Brand Nubian

อัลบัม: One for All

ออกเมื่อ: 30-11-1990

Dance to My Ministry (Explicit LP Version) - Brand Nubian (努比亚合唱团)

Peace God


Aiyyo peace


What's the science


You gettin' ready to drop math on this

True indeed my brother

Well it's time to start the revolution


Aight so let's start this


See it's a positive force which guides my course


It ain't little bo peep who's sheep little lost

It's the tribe the God tribe of shabazz

First on the planet earth but definite to be the last

If Allah stands she'll pass

Students enroll while Jamar teach class

Seminar I give is for you to live

Not try to keep your mind captive

I break shackles tear down tabernacles

Any problem in sight Jamar tackles


Bones crackles as I start to break

The body of the snake that's fake

Unto my people lies and deceit

Through trickery but hickory dickory

Dock time's run out on the clock

The shepherd is here to protect the flock

With my staff I walk through the wilderness

Build on math and destroy all the villainous criminals

Perpetratin constant subliminal signs to brainwash the minds

Of the unknowin kept church goin

It's time to shine light that's why I'm provin and showin

That the age has come to be concious

Not unconcious 'cause in your subconcious mind

You find I speak the truth from the D J booth

Straight to the youth of the inner city and the outskirts

Some may disagree but yo hey the truth hurts

Lord Jamar and I'll advance in the industry

I'm makin sure you can dance to my ministry


Now dance dance


Non behave


Non no


Non behave


Non behave


No no no


Non behave






Out out





Out out

Aiyyo come


Into my laboratory

I'ma take you on a tour

An ankh is the key and the key is knowledge

Which unlocks my lab's door


Kemet let's you enter heat generates from the center

Lord Jamar's an inventor

Production of black facts put on to a black wax

I got a lot to say set in stacks


To the right is where I keep my fuel

The Qu'ran and 120 lessons


Am I the nicest count your 12 jewels

Word is bond 'cause the Gods keep testin

Why the test 'cause I'm 'fessin this duty of the civilized

From the dumb you bring forth the wise

So they can open their eyes to their being

And finally realize it's just the all eye seeing

Black man supreme knowledge machine

The Alpha and omega the

Arm a leg a leg a arm a head

And like jam these facts will spread

Over the thoughts of the white bread

'Cause we've been misled for the longest

Time to rise up and gather our strongest

Brothers and sister mrs and misters

He rose and she rose we'll take 'em from the zero

With raw funk to thee and

Show 'em how it ought to be

'Cause it's passively hell I fought for thee

Culture of my ancestry


And made it so you can dance to my ministry


So dance dance




Don't don't don't

Don't don't don't

Don't behave






Out out



Don't behave








Don't behave behave



Aiyyo I wanna peace to the father Allah and Justice


I wanna say peace to all the Gods and Earths


And all the positive people of the universe

I wanna say peace to the God sincere


The God supreme lakim shabazz

And the God Jahwell from vernon


I wanna say peace to my nubian brothers

Maxwell derek X and alamo


Wanna say peace to my physicals

Tony D


And lil' Terrance


I wanna say peace to my good brother Q tip

From a tribe called quest

De la soul


And last but not least I wanna say peace

To the grandfather bambaataa of the mighty zulu nation


And I'm out y'all










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