Police Station 1999 黎明
เพลงPolice Station

ศิลปิน: 黎明

อัลบัม: If I Can See You Again

ออกเมื่อ: 01-01-1999

police station rap - 黎明

Yo Yo Yo officer, you see these chinese people,

coming through like they knew, it's a gang on game,

well it's not my fault, Mr.officer

they sworn hit me in my lungs, with that kung-fu

wat char wat char~~ha

i fell down, got right back up

didn't get of what they were saying

now i still be brand,

and i still got used to be playing

cuz I'm on my defense,

they almost know all how to defense,

offensive and all that stick.

Since You understand I wasn't the wrong man,

Y O Y that I almost die, Officer Officer I don't lie

Bend of price that ain't enough for once or twice

can't be forgive even know what they are

in my hometown smiling,

me and my man CK we were just sit down, flowning

Flowning, Flowning,

wat char wat char ha oh~~


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