Go Through It 2001 Blondie
เพลงGo Through It

ศิลปิน: Blondie

อัลบัม: Autoamerican

ออกเมื่อ: 30-08-2001

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She knew it, about Route Three

Oh, she blew it, you know, she could've told me

He can't say no, he can't ask why

Go through it, highway bride

He delivers, he's a roadsider

He gets no road from a back seat driver

Away we go, yes or no?

I love you honey, give me a beer

But just like Jerry Lee, she's tuning in on me

And I've got no defense, but it makes no difference

'Cause just like Jerry Lee, she's tunin' in on me

She does it easy, like a CB


He's hard to hold on the rolling road

He knows his rig's hot, get through that roadblock

Ten miles to go, oh, radio

She knew it, now so does he

Oh, I love you honey, give me a beer

Ooh, go through it, come sit right here


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