Dose (LP Version) 1999 Latin Playboys
เพลงDose (LP Version)

ศิลปิน: Latin Playboys

อัลบัม: Dose

ออกเมื่อ: 02-03-1999

Dose (剂量) (LP版) - Latin Playboys

I went to see that La Lola just

To tell her what I'd done

The things inside my hands

Were far away from gone


What happens to a kid La Lola

When he grows up brown


Said: Sit gown and tell me

If you wanna stick around


Poured some coffee in a cup made

Of Mexican clay


Sit right down in that chair and listen what I say


Richer men poorer men

Dumber men sure men

Who would ever think

That they were all made the same


I laid down on the sofa

And fell asleep just yesterday


And in my sleep a guy in

White came up to me to say


Bet you're wondering

Why everybody else gets all the breaks


While your mama and your papa

And your sister's turning gray


Made a cup of something hot

Some kinda Hindu brew


Listen to me good

'Cause this is all I have for you


Doesn't matter who you are

This side or that side of the fence


Or you got a pile of money

Or you can barely pay the rent


When they die and they take you

And they put you in the ground


No matter who or what you are


You'll end up looking brown


You end up looking brown


You end up looking brown


You end up looking brown


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