Halfway To Nowhere 2000 Mark Bryan
เพลงHalfway To Nowhere

ศิลปิน: Mark Bryan

อัลบัม: 30 On The Rail

ออกเมื่อ: 14-03-2000

Halfway To Nowhere (LP Version) - Mark Bryan

I was soaking in solitude and drippin' with beer


Strings on my fingers and nothin' to fear


It's hot in this kitchen, I'm startin' to fry


Halfway to nowhere and hung out to dry


My view was an eagle's so I flew far and wide


Every new vision the further I'd glide


It's thin in this airway, I start to come down


Halfway to nowhere with my feet on the ground


My words are wise when I disguise them


But deep inside I bleed


I search for perfection everywhere that I roam


My head on the highway and my heart safe at home


But I'm closer to perfect, she's further from me


Halfway to nowhere and achin' to be,


achin' to be, yeah



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