All In Hand 2002 Rosemary's Sons
เพลงAll In Hand

ศิลปิน: Rosemary's Sons

อัลบัม: All in Hand

ออกเมื่อ: 23-04-2002

All In Hand - Rosemary's Sons

Living or dying, ain't the question for me


But how to survive these moral beliefs

Of sex and religion and the things that we kill

Without facing a judge but our own bloody will

Life isn't easy, but I'm learning hard


Coming from the blind side

Mama, it's all in hand


Growing up under normal conditions


Wonder if I'd get a clue


About first things first and the last thing too

Being stuck in the middle

cause we all need food for thoughts

And reasons for being sincere


On the blind side

Mama, it's all in hand


Waiting for you and I hope you're coming down on me


I'm looking up from my hands


I see all these tears that you've cried


Want to show you how to be almighty fine


I'm looking down to the waters,


tell the sun where I want the shine


Remember to go where the others stand still


On the blind side


Mama, it's all in hand


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