Move It 2001 Cliff Richard
เพลงMove It

ศิลปิน: Cliff Richard

อัลบัม: Cliff / Cliff Sings

ออกเมื่อ: 20-08-2001

Move I - Cliff Richard

Come on pretty baby

let's move it and groove it


Well a shake a baby shake, Oh

Honey please don't lose it.


It's rhythm that "gets you" heart and soul


Let me tell you baby

It's called rock an'roll.


They say, it's gonna die, Oh

Honey bee let's face it;


They just don't know

what's a goin' to replace it.


Ballads' and Calypsos

they've got nothing on real

country music that drives along.


Oh honey move it


Come on pretty baby

let's move it an' a groove it


shake oh baby shake oh honey

please don't lose it ah ah


It's rhythm that gets into

your heart and soul


Well let me tell you baby

it's rock 'n roll


They say it's gonna die

but honey please let's face it


The just don't know

what's a going to replace it no


Ballets and calypso's have got nothing on


Real country music that just drives along


Ah honey move it


honey move it


Well baby move it of me



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