Jalopy Style (Album Version) 1999 Citizen King
เพลงJalopy Style (Album Version)

ศิลปิน: Citizen King

อัลบัม: Mobile Estates

ออกเมื่อ: 09-03-1999

there’s a spit shine avalanche headin’ one

way headed toward the light bright alley

way the beard blew off the dandelion

face and left a 24-karat button in its place

the chain steering wheel boomerangs

from the junkyard hard rolling but rolling

on the real hard turf or for what it’s worth

another dent for another tent so i’m going

down jalopy style if i’m going down i roll

the fur dice playing with the lowlife i

travel light i travel proud and when i rock

the box i rock the box loud bumping and

rolling no stopping for red now wheeling


and dealing just stretching the bread now


i’m hatchin' the gold mine spreading the

fever take it all over jalopy style got the


rumble seat bleach with the ruckus on


ready givin' him the finger with a beep

like jerry takin' the trip hit bricks with the

sticks on the macrame heyday seven mile

itch the whitewalls hit the deck from

bionic on the low-fi jeep beat sonic turf

for what it’s worth I'm fixing this mix up

from bumper to beat kalaka my way


down on nickel bag street just rollin' on


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