You Look So Much Better 2004 Robin Holcomb
เพลงYou Look So Much Better

ศิลปิน: Robin Holcomb

อัลบัม: The Big Time

ออกเมื่อ: 28-12-2004

You Look So Much Better - Robin Holcomb

You look so much better


What didn't you know


It's looking right


And that tells me so


You feel so much better


What's it can you see


Said you're disappointed

But you look fine to me


Some born in great


Mother's born to let


Beware of the darkness


When you turn your back


Some can earns fortune


With a head of pin


Find a way to keep the wood baby

Baby let me in


Spend the night in the major


Out of in the moon


Can somebody somewhere else start something soon


Rolling over and over


You sleep while you pray


When you walk in the morning

When things were better that way


Can't ignore your warning


They get in your way


You think you can see through me

Where there's nothing much to see


Here's the beautiful pieces of another broke down day


You love me much better

When you can't look away


Temptation were haunt you


Talk you down form what you know


But when the wind comes crying to old somewhere so


Me haunted by movies


Talks is all they do tell


A little while the soldier will be born of veil


Be alone and lonely


Ready set to go


You could come around somewhere

There's nothing much to show


You always feel familiar


The less and less you know


No matter what you do

It may never be so


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