God And Country 1989 Blue Rodeo
เพลงGod And Country

ศิลปิน: Blue Rodeo

อัลบัม: Diamond Mine

ออกเมื่อ: 20-03-1989

God And Country - Blue Rodeo

Forever lost in comparisons


Between you and the better man


Yea you're always so quick


To take a bow


I've got to laugh at your circus sympathy


And your postcard sincerity


Don't you ever get tired


Of being yourself


It's getting so hard to find you


As you fade into your world of reprisal


As you slip into the comfort


Of your denial


Your patriotic smile


Your go down in style


And you say that you're not to blame


Yea you're proud of what you did

And you'd do it again


All in the name of god and country


But that's too bad about the little snag


Cause getting caught is such a drag


Even in the name of god and country


Still you're all the same to me


You're just trying to make points on national TV


Yea you try to make points for god


God and country


You call this justice


I call this self service


And I hope that I never find


What you call good conscience


Or peace of mind

As another man dies for god and country


Cause I'm sure while you're sitting there talking


Well the bombs are falling


All in the name


All in the name


All in the name of god and country


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