Down The Road 1987 Little Feat
เพลงDown The Road

ศิลปิน: Little Feat

อัลบัม: Feats Don't Fail Me Now

ออกเมื่อ: 07-07-1987

Down The Road - Little Feat

I gave you high steppin' slippers

But you still can't move your feat

And it's cold in the morning

So I turn away at the heat

You say faster so I speed up

But still I'm much too slow

I feel your innuendo

You got all the answers, least they say you do

But when I start to strut my stuff

You say "hey it ain't time to go"

That ain't what I've been told

Guess I better meet you down the road


Down the road


You know sometimes I wanna steal away and stare

Until my face it touch the ground

My dinner in Chicago, oh my breakfast down the line

If you don't hear from me girl, I hope you're feelin' fine

'Cause I've been doin' time, hope you're feelin' fine

Call me up, catch a plane

But don't think of taking another game

'Cause my regular lady she gets my pocket change


Do you want my every thought

Well come over here and try to get me off

Won't you please me


Shake your dignity


Put a little on me


On me, on me, on me


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