Midnight Train 2004 Jimmie Dale Gilmore
เพลงMidnight Train

ศิลปิน: Jimmie Dale Gilmore

อัลบัม: "After Awhile"

ออกเมื่อ: 28-12-2004

Midnight Train - Jimmie Dale Gilmore

That midnight train is a long and a slow one


Your seat is reserved, the brakeman is tired


Timetable’s set with exceptions for no one


No luggage allowed, no ticket required


It will be there right on time at the station


Even if midnight must come at high noon


You will not know that train's destination


And you'll not leave late nor one minute too soon


You may sit beside fear and go worse than lonely


Or travel with trust and love and faith restored


These choices you have and these choices only


When that train rolls in and you step on board


Now that whistle blows, yes, it’s already whinin'


If you listen close, you can hear it soft and clear


And that headlight burns, yes, it's already shinin'


And you might as well choose right now


It's love or fear, it's love or fear



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