Late Night Hour 2001 Ice Cube
เพลงLate Night Hour

ศิลปิน: Ice Cube

อัลบัม: The Greatest Hits

ออกเมื่อ: 01-01-2001

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When you see me on ya block, call the police

Let them motherfuckers no here come the beast


Oh, in the late night hour

Straight out of Compton, a crazy motherfucker named Ice Cube

And I'm rollin' with the motherfuckin' Neptunes


When I'm caught off, I got a sawed-off

A midget bitch that'll suck a niggas balls off

You too girl if ya fuck with me

I'm gettin' head in the lane doin' sixty

About to crash like Teddy Pendergrass

Mama said a hard head make a tender ass


To all the dogs that bark a lot

Who don't give a fuck if it's dark or not

We'll be creepin' in the parking lot

Motherfuckers don't know if I can park or not

Cause I circle like vultures, La Costa Nostra

Bumpin' all the baddest bitches like I'm 'posed to

What's yo name, what's yo number and ya culture

You need nuts in yo face like a poster


If you in a club nigga then shit bang

If you on the streets nigga then shit bang

If you on the block nigga then shit bang

And if it's what ya need boy, do ya thang

If ya in a Range Rov then shit bang

If you in that 600 then shit bang

If you on that Steel Horse then shit bang

But if it's what ya need boy, let it bang

Fuck the police comin' straight from the underground

Fuckin' pig wanna act like he like me now

In 86 same bitch tried to lock me down

And motherfuckers wanna ask why I'm cocky now

To all the bitches that think they bootylicious

I think they nutritious, I think they do dishes

I'm makin' three wishes or takin' they pictures

And spendin' they riches and fuckin' they bitches


Egomaniac, lil' homies call me brainiac

Ice Cube's an asshole and it ain't a knack

So take a hit of that and remember that

Where my motherfuckin' niggas and my bitches at

In the late night hour hit the front to back

Check the motherfuckin' rims on the Cadillac

On the ass attack, can you keep it tight

And if the head right, nigga there every night

This is for my niggas that's schemin' for cash

And lookin' for ass the late night

This is for my people that's countin' they riches

And pickin' up bitches the late night

This is for my niggas that's countin' they cash

And lookin' for ass the late night

This is for my people that's schemin' for riches

And pickin' up bitches the late night

So check it and everybody get naked

This might be a nigga last record


But respect it cause I could do it all night playa

I'm all fight playa, you all spite playa

It's all right playa, a nigga might care

But to catch me you gotta do a light year

Ice Cube insane in the membrane

Baby go ahead please do the damn thang

We gonna get chu' high nigga


Our rhymes will get chu' by nigga

Tell me if I qualify nigga

To bail in like SuperFly

I wanna get that, cop that, buy that, drive that

You want it too but don't know where to start at

Fuckin' with me, nigga better bring his hard hat

Nigga where ya heart at, leave ya on the tarmac

Where my top at and my nigga Mack

Ridin' shotgun, with the top gun

Don't catch a hot one soon as he spot one

Westside Connection is a doctrine

This ain't another club song

Or love song that y'all can fuck on

So get the fuck on

A nigga rich can't believe the bullshit that I'm stuck on


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