Mama Don't Understand (Album Version) 1997 Ambrosia
เพลงMama Don't Understand (Album Version)

ศิลปิน: Ambrosia

อัลบัม: Anthology

ออกเมื่อ: 22-04-1997

My mama don't understand

She's impossible to the core

Now she says that she's gettin' married

He's a friend of a friend of the boy next door

He's got all of the best intentions

Half of a school degree

When he does his song and dancin'

They know they can be happy as the shows on TV

She needs a change, she wants a life

Where she can grow and they can thrive

Some kind of space of her own

A different view, another slant

Another way, another chance

To get on with her life

(Mama she don't understand)

Mama she don't

She don't even know

She don't know

She don't understand

She's gotta know

If she can cut life on her own

But like the man says

"You can never go home again"

You gotta come see the new place

Mom, you're gonna feel right at home

Could you just front that deposit

Mama, we'll pay you back when the welfare check comes

Nothin's gone as expected

No one knows all the trouble we've seen

But we'll pull ourselves together


It's the two of us now, of course, baby makes three

A little luck, an even break

We'll find a way to have our cake

And even eat a piece or two

We'll show you how


We're winnin' now

We'll live it up

Can't keep 'em down


She don't understand me

Don't understand me

So mama, please understand

(Mama, please understand)

If it's possible, we implore

Could we just move in these few things

We won't get in the way and we'll sleep on the floor

'Cuz, times have been getting tougher

(Times have been getting tough)

It's an unfriendly world outside


They say things will pick up by summer

Can we borrow the car, will you watch little Clyde

Thanks a lot


Mama don't understand


Mama don't understand me


Mama don't understand


Mama don't understand me

(Mama don't understand me)

(Mama don't understand me, no)

Mama don't understand


She don't understand me

(Mama don't understand me)

(Mama, she don't understand me, yeah)


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