Blues For Sister Someone 1992 Lenny Kravitz
เพลงBlues For Sister Someone

ศิลปิน: Lenny Kravitz

อัลบัม: Let Love Rule

ออกเมื่อ: 29-06-1992

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I know a girl who gets off

By sticking needles in her vein

Oh Lord what a shame

She's got no money so she turns tricks

And plays dirty games

Oh Lord spare her pain

What she says she do to you

You'd have to be insane


The bathroom stall her bedroom

The one that's always engaged


She sleeps and eats with the plague


She's got a baby in her belly

But she just don't care


What will be come of the pair


Oh Lord what can she do

To get the shit out of her hair

To get the shit out of her hair


Blues for sister someone

Oh Lord


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