Real Man 2000 Martin Sexton
เพลงReal Man

ศิลปิน: Martin Sexton

อัลบัม: Wonder Bar

ออกเมื่อ: 10-10-2000

Real Man - Martin Sexton

In a workin' man's dream.

I found my simple truth

There in the dark on the top of my roof

As the city's blue sound

swept up from down under

Heat lightening flashed.

Got me to wonder

Are the troubles that life

has seen fit to give me

There to regret or there to remind me

I'm real. I'm a real man.


For so many years

I believed I was broken

So medicine sweet

and the leaves I was smoking

Told me I was strong,

righteous and firm

But only if I comply

and stay in the terms

With the deal made

between weakness and shame

To shelter me from the price of my pain

I'm real. I'm a real man , yes I am.

And I'll do everything a man possibly can

To make a difference


I'll save my soul if you give me the chance


I'll rectify my dreams


if you let me see my way clear


As I thank my higher power

for all that she'd done

I sing to the water towers

and to the rising sun

For every woman or car crash

that ever broke me in two

For showing me that

there's always a way through

And that I'm a real man, yes I am.


I'm a real man yes I am


I'm a real man oh man


no trubleling no strange


I have something to say it say it touch lonely


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