I Got Mine 1976 Ry Cooder
เพลงI Got Mine

ศิลปิน: Ry Cooder

อัลบัม: Chicken Skin Music

ออกเมื่อ: 14-02-1976

I Got Mine - Ry Cooder

And I went down to a big crap game,


'Twas certainly against my will.


I lost every doggone nickel I had


But a greenback dollar bill.


Forty dollar that laid on the floor


My buddy's point was nine


Well, the police they come in there

And caught all of 'em

But I got mine.


I got mine, let me tell ya

I got mine.


I grabbed that money

Out the back door I went flying


Well, ever since the big crap game

I've been livin' on chicken and wine.


I'm the leader of so ciety


Since I got mine.


I know a barber shop

It's a way cross town


Down on Norfolk street


It's the only place on a Saturday night


That us gamblers gets to meet


Some comes for a haircut


And others come for a scrap


And when you see me and my buddies up there, man


We means to shoot some crap

Hollering: "Seven, eleven, won't you come, come, come!!!


If you don't seven, eleven them

You're done, done, done"


If I see the police before he sees me

I'm gonna run, run, run


I'm the leader of society


Since I got mine


Well, I went down to my best girl's house


The hour was just about nine


I wasn't dressed up like Henry Ford


But I was feeling just as fine


I caught her sitting on another man's knee


And I didn't like that sign


Well, I told them what I thought about it, boys

And I got mine


I got mine, I got mine


I grabbed my hat and through the window


I went flying


I ran as fast as I could run

But I didn't get there in time


Because the rascal grabbed a shotgun, Lord


And I got mine


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