Funeral 1979 Joni Mitchell

ศิลปิน: Joni Mitchell

อัลบัม: Mingus

ออกเมื่อ: 13-06-1979

Funeral - Joni Mitchell

"..led an enormous band."

"Oh, But I know he's very lucky too, because when Mingus dies there's gonna be the same funeral they had for Duke Ellington... in a big church and the whole country's going to say, wow, he was so far out, you know what I mean?"

"No man, no big church! I'm going to be buried man - I got my shit all figured out!"

"You're going to get a big funeral - you're famous!"

"Vedanta Society, India, I'm going to be buried in India!"

"I know, but you're going to get a big funeral in this country, and they'll play your music for two days"


"Who's going to do that?"


"It's far out isn't it, y'know what I mean?"


"...You want me to hurry up, man"

"No I don't want you to hurry up, but in the future, I know you're going to get a beautiful funeral - I can see it!"

"But I got it all planned, man!"

"...You're going to be here many more years."

"You know the Vedanta Society in India.. Yuga?"


"Well I'm going to be buried by that church"


"So they gotta find another place to do it, that's all."


"...Plenty of time to go. You have another fifty years... you're lucky!"


"Uh, Duke lived to be 77 years old right?"


"I'm gonna cut him!"

"Coltrane was very strong, you know..."

"I'm gonna cut Duke!"



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