Dogs, Dust And Diesel 2003 Slim Dusty
เพลงDogs, Dust And Diesel

ศิลปิน: Slim Dusty

อัลบัม: Trucks On The Track

ออกเมื่อ: 28-11-2003

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Dogs, Dust And Diesel - Slim Dusty (西林·得斯提)



Dogs and dust and diesel

Have been my mates for


We've thumped the corrugations

And moved a million gears

Seen a heap of country

And met some decent folk

Departed and farewelled them

With a wave of diesel smoke


We've lumbered heavy haulage

And run some lively loads


Through spinifex and sandhills

Where the bends are pigeon toed


Hey been pulled up by the coppers

With me that's

Common mate

Always breakin' some infringement

Now they call me overweight


Hey dogs and dust and diesel

Coupled up with oil

And grease

Have bound me to the cabin

With a lifetime verbal


The song of this old diesel

Ridin' home without a


Rides easy like the dog and gates all piggy backed

On top


I've been bogged out in the donger

Pulled down by

Suction mud

Where swampland bred mosquitoes drained a billy can of blood


Worn out a post hole shovel then put my mouth

In gear


Pulled it back to neutral just in case the lord

Should hear


I boil up by the roadway as daylight slowly dims

And watch the bulldust pyramids tricklin' from the rims


Check the dog and diesel air hose and coupling rings

There's a blowout on the bogey and the dog has

Broken springs


All through the outback country we find his rendezvous


A diesel patch a ring of oil and a sardine

Tin or two


Pull tops from the stubbies and a few more tell

Tale clues

Where loads and rolls of topics and general daily news


Yeah a truckies compensation is a freeway wide and black

The milepegs fly much faster than those a way outback


I'll get dry cleaned and polished have a major service



Throughout the truck returnin' home to the dog and diesel run



Hey dogs and dust and diesel have been my mates

For years

We've thumped the corrugations and moved a million gears

Seen a heap of country and met some decent folk

Departed and farewelled them with a wave of diesel smoke


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