The Collection Of Marie Claire (Album Version) 1993 Daniel Lanois
เพลงThe Collection Of Marie Claire (Album Version)

ศิลปิน: Daniel Lanois

อัลบัม: For The Beauty Of Wynona

ออกเมื่อ: 23-03-1993

Marie-Claire, j'ai marche toute la soiree

Ton portrait toujours pres de mon coeur


Je veux te dire que je t'ai reve tout l'ete

Marie-Claire, s'il te plait, n'est pas peur.


I brought you some colours to paint with

On the nights when it's cold outside


And I'll shoot that blue-eyed son of a bitch


'Cause it's me who'll have you for his bride


Marie-Claire, it's no good la vie d'une danseuse


Tous les yeux, they're on you, I can't stand


Don't you know that you are my amoureuse.


Marie Claire, let them all be damned.


My hands have bled to the bone


I brought you a drawing to see


Of the cabin made of sticks and stones,

And there you will learn to love me.


Marie Claire, j'ai sale beaucoup d' poissons

Et les bois du Nord maintenant sont tranquilles


Je te promet de ne pas boire la boisson

Oublie le Montreal, la vieille ville.


As I lay you there on the backseat,

All in white there, dans mon char


Take your time Marie Claire and sleep,


As I bring you up to Labrador


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