I Want The Angel 1980 The Jim Carroll Band

เพลงI Want The Angel

ศิลปิน: The Jim Carroll Band

อัลบัม: Catholic Boy

ออกเมื่อ: 14-02-1980

I Want The Angel (LP版) - The Jim Carroll Band

I want the angel

Whose dreams are fatal

They 'cause the snake's milk to run and curdle

I want the angel

Whose darkness doubles

It absorbs the brilliance of all my troubles


I want the angel

That will not shatter

Every time I whisper girl it does not matter

I want the angel

Who's got the proof

She signals her devotion from the rails on the roof

I want the angel

That comes to stay

She don't let lawyers and ambition lead her away


I want the angel

Whose eyes are raving

Who takes what I'm giving and not what I'm saving


I want the angel

Whose bones are so sharp

That they can break through their own excuses


Well to be a blind man

Hey that would be a fine thing


Then I could dream at night of total strangers

And all the music would be so spaceless

And all the women would be so faceless

They'd be so faceless they'd be like old film

Just like old film I never did process

I want the angel

That knows the sky

She got virtue she got the parallel light in her



I want the angel

That's partly lame

She filters clarity from her desperate shame


I want the angel

That knows rejection

Who's like a whore in love with her own reflection


I want the angel

Whose touch don't miss

When the blood comes through the dropper like a thick

Red kiss


If I could break through I could be certain

But this obsession is like some fiery curtain

All the numbers reduced to zero

And those who died young they are my heroes

They are my heroes they took the walk

Where the heart made sense and the mind can't talk

I want the angel

Whose child don't weep

She's got dreams designed for eternal sleep


I want the angel

That will not change

Into a four legged monster in love with the strange

I want the angel

That never chooses

And don't come running back every time she loses


But I want the angel that never loses


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