"After Awhile" 2004 Jimmie Dale Gilmore
เพลง"After Awhile"

ศิลปิน: Jimmie Dale Gilmore

อัลบัม: "After Awhile"

ออกเมื่อ: 28-12-2004

After Awhile - Jimmie Dale Gilmore

I remember


When You Told Me


With a Smile


Someday Baby


You'll Be Rolling


Out in Style


I could wait forever


Learnin' about never and always


You were in a hurry


You had time worry


And room enough to find my heart

And tear it all apart

I'm not certain


When You Lost


That Certain Smile


But I can Say


It's the Price you has Pay for

After Awhile


How I love you


How I long to


See that Smile


That Certain Smile


But You've Forgotten


Life is a Treasure


And Not a trial


Take these precious flowers


Take these happy Hours

And Hold them


I've forsaken never


I'll be here for ever


And after awhile won't hold the key

And steal you away from Me

I'm still my certain


When You Lost


That Certain Smile


But now I can see


It's the only way to be free

From after awhile


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