The Tower (Album Version) 1991 Ice T
เพลงThe Tower (Album Version)

ศิลปิน: Ice T

อัลบัม: O.G. Original Gangster

ออกเมื่อ: 14-05-1991

The Tower - Ice-T

I'm rolling up in a big gray bus

And I'm shackled down

Myself that's who I trust

The minute I arrived

Some sucker got hit

Shanked ten times

Behind some bullshit


Word in the pen the fool was a snitch

So without hesitatin

I made a weapon quick

If found a sharp piece of metal

Taped it to a stick

Then a bullhorn sounds

That means it's time for chow

My first prison meal

The whole feeling was foul

It wasn't quite my style

But my stomach growled

So I flushed the sh*t down

And hit the weight pile

The brothers was swole

The attitudes was cold

Felt the tension on the yard

From the young and the old

But I'm a warrior

I got my ground to hold

So I studied the inmates

To see who hd the power

The whites the blacks

Or just the gun tower


In a blink of an eye a riot broke out

Blacks put their backs to the wall

Cause it was north and south

A gun man shouts

And everybody had doubt

Until the bullets started flyn

Took two men out

Thn they rushed everybody

Back to their cells

Damn the pen is different than

The county jail

I'm in a one man cell

I know my lifes on a scale

I wonder if that gunman is going to hell

This is my second day

I got a ten year stay

I learned my first lesson

In the pen you don't plaay

I saw a brother kill another

Cause he said he was gay

But thats the way it is

It been that way for years

And when his body hit the ground

I heard a couple of cheers

It kind of hurt me inside

That they were glad he died

And I ask myself

Just who had the power


The whites the blacks

Or just the gun tower


You see the whites got a thing

The call white pride


The blacks got the muscle

Mexicans got the knives

You better be wise

You wanna stay alive

Go toe to toe with a sucka

No matter wht size

A fool tried to sweat me

Actn like he was hard

I stuck him twice in the neck

And left him dead in the yard

It was smooth how I did it

Cause nobody could see

With my jacket on my arm

And my knife on the side of me

Bam bam it was over

Another one bites the dust

I went crazy in the pen

With nobody to trust

Benchn ten quarters so I'm hard to sweat


Used a tat gun and engrved my set

They call me a lifer

Cause I'm good as dead

I live in the hole so the floors my bed

And I ask myself again

Who has the power

The whites the blacks

Or just the gun tower


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