Anything Can Happen 1970 Souls of Mischief
เพลงAnything Can Happen

ศิลปิน: Souls of Mischief

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ออกเมื่อ: 01-01-1970

Yo Its like this and only this

So I'm gon tell

Me and my moms in front of the mall and then I seen this ni**a ramel

From fifth grade

I knew this kid was swift

Paid was how his mind logged so he got his grind on

But now its years later

I say hey ta him

He flash his fronts fulla au and hey you

The warning drove from a seville as it sped by

Lead fly ratta-tat-tatta his blood spatta

I strive ta see the driva with my eye

Moms grabbed sky and caught lead in her thigh i

Put her behind the trash can dashed to my man

It was to late its sad that ramel was perferated

Waited and sweated for the medics as my moms bled

Even if he was alive at the scene by now my man rams dead

The cops do not care

Cause our skin has too much shade in it

They'll dismiss this as some niggas misbehavin

But Ill never forget the driver of that blue seville

And live for the day to bust shots in his grill

But still I can't do this alone

My crews line so I slip two dimes into the pay phone

Ill stay home get some rest call my girl an

Tajais on the phone talkin about the worlds end

What happened

Ya moms got capped an ya niggas dead

Ya talkin about paybacks and bullets in the head

Well um hoodz come in dozens but I got a cousin

That live around the block an they got a glock

An we can swiftly bust em

I trust em

Wit my life an plus the glock is light an

Easily concealed easy itll peel a cap right

Hey tajai don't stop rap too tight

(opio: yo taj man you aight man )

(tajai: yeah lets just get dem niggaz)

Maintain composure hit the dosia

Pick uh booga

Don't be shook up I got hook up

Look up my maniphesto I need the special

Teams for the schemes get a-plus so he can brings

The blueprints

To the residence

The measurements and features

Were gonna cause explosions wit clorox bleach an(boom )

Ping pong balls hear through walls with a stethascope

Tap their phones watch their every move with a telescope

Peep their favorite spots inventing plots for their demise

On the dl make sure to the crimes we have no ties

Around about noon I got a buzz on my ringa (ring)

What a humdinga what happened to tajais mom

Uh gonna was some kid named ramel

My mission was to flip the aparrel escaping by my coattails

An from thrifty

Swiftly lift the ping pong balls in hand

I ran where I was most suspected to be founded

Bounded up my pals and snuffed the ruffnecks who buck tips

Hollow and follow and trace every single face

Then deface them anyway we could

Infecting injecting

Hiv needles might be feeble but

We was not wit the consequences being much worse


A-plus will adjust the plan to work with no quirks

Ten oclock on the dot meet around the block

From his crib we can get this kid shot plus I got

His sister on my tip she says she's ready to try us

Lets get her an break off all her fingers wit some pliers(nah thats Ill)

Anyway tajai jet around to the back an

Be strapped since it was ya moms you should gat that


Shoot him in his kneecaps first

Don't waste no time you see that grill remember we blast first

Opio and phesto lets go get the south window exits

In your nexxusis the moment we should flex its

Definately on I bust one to the front

We got the exits covered theres no way that he can run

The stupid ni**a ran to the back like I expected

Tajai said skip the knees saw his grill he shot and wrecked it

Death is what he got yo he shot an he started all the cappin

But now he knows: anything can happen


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