Cum On Everybody 1999 Eminem
เพลงCum On Everybody

ศิลปิน: Eminem

อัลบัม: The Slim Shady LP

ออกเมื่อ: 23-02-1999

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Songs Title:cum on everybody

hmm-hmm-hmhmhmmhm.. ahhh, whooooo!! shit

yo, mic check

Testing one, two, um... twelve

(whattup whattup whattup.. outsidaz)

this is my dance song (outsidaz)

Can you hear me?

(rah digga, pacewon, young zee)

aight, ay turn my headphones up

(bust it bust it)

My favoite color is red, like the blood shed

From kurt cobains head, when he shot himself dead

Women all grabbin at my shishkabob

Bought lauryn hills tape so her kids could starve

(I cant stand white people!)

You thought I was livid, now Im even more so

Shit I got full blown aids and a sore throat

I got a wardrobe with an orange robe

Im in the fourth row, signin autographs at your show

(yo can you sign this right here? )

I just remembered that Im absent minded

Wait, I mean Ive lost my mind, I cant find it

Im freestylin every that I spit

Cause I dont even remember the words to my shit (umm, one two)

I told the doc I need a change in sickness

And gave a girl herpes in exchange for syphilis

Put my lp on your christmas gift list

You wanna get high, here bitch just sniff this

Cum on everybody -- get down tonight

Yo.. yo yo yo yo


I tried suicide once and Ill try it again

Thats why I write songs where I die at the end

Cause I dont give a fuck, like my middle finger was stuck

And I was wavin it at everybody screamin, I suck (I suck!!!)

I go on stage in front of a sellout crowd

And yell out loud, all yall get the hell out now

Fuck rap, Im givin it up yall, Im sorry

(but eminem this is your record release party!)

Im bored out of my gourd -- so I took a hammer

And nailed my foot to the floorboard of my ford

Guess Im just a sick sick bastard

Whos one sandwich short of a picnic basket (I aint got it all)

One excederin tablet short of a full medicine cabinet

I feel like my head has been shredded like lettuce and cabbage

(ohhhhhhh) and if you ever see a video for this shit

Ill probably be dressed up like a mummy with my wrists slit

Cum on everybody -- get down tonight


Got bitches on my jock out in east detroit

Cause they think that Im a motherfuckin beastie boy

So I told em I was mike d

They was like, gee I dont know, he might be!

I told em, meet me at kid rocks next concert

Ill be standin by the loch ness monster (okay) peace out (bye!!)

Then I jetted to the weed house

Smoked out til I started bustin freestyles

Broke out then I dipped quick back to the crib, put on lipstick

Crushed up the tylenol and ate it with a dipstick

Made a couple of crank calls collect

Ken kaniff from connecticut, can you accept?

I wanna make songs all the fellas dub

And murder every rich rapper that Im jealous of

So just remember when I bomb your set

Yo, I only cuss to make your mom upset

Cum on everybody -- get down tonight


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