Take My Breath Away 1988 谭咏麟
เพลงTake My Breath Away

ศิลปิน: 谭咏麟

อัลบัม: Ban Meng Ban Xing Zhi Jian

ออกเมื่อ: 26-04-1988

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take my breath away 谭咏麟

作曲:神林早人 深泽德填词:linda hennrick


收录于大碟:fantasy(1987) 半梦半醒之间(1988)


i've heard that beauty

lights the hearts of those

who see the world through the eyes of love

and every time i look at you

i see the living proof

you're beautiful shining with your love

wrap me in your silence like a trembling bird

your love need not be spoken to be heard

for now at last i understand

the message in your hands

one touch and i'm at a loss for words

take my breath away

the love that's in your eyes

still takes me by surprise

you always take my breath away

forever and a day

you'll be the one to take my breath away

other lovers may have cast a spell or two

but they never made it last the way you do

i thrill each time i see your face

or feel your warm embrace

you know the way to make my dreams come true

even now i find it hard to believe

that someone like you could really care for me

oh how your passion leaves me weak

i'm shaking like a leaf

to think your love is meant for only me


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